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Adora Dolls

You know THAT feeling...

When you can't stop smiling and the doors of your heart fly wide open…
When all you can do is feel love & affection, laughter & enthusiasm and even jump for joy?

We Do TOO! That happiness is our inspiration at ADORA.
image description The way we see it, when kids are happy, there is more love and joy in the world.

Our story began twenty years ago, where from humble beginnings, we set out with a BIG goal…
to create high quality handcrafted toys that make the world a happier place.
Starting with its littlest ambassadors – kids.

Each Adora product is a true work of heart, made of the finest materials by our passionate team of designers, seamstresses, artists, sculptors
and manufacturers. We're a toymaker, but we prefer to think of ourselves as makers of play, of happiness and memories that last a lifetime.

We'll do our part to keep spreading that love and joy throughout the world… It's what we do.

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